The aural groundwork of The Moanin’ After lays pointed west at sunrise, across the lengthy straightaways where the golden fields are split by the brush and range roads, where harmony begins with the steady whir of the engine and the humming wheels leaving their Goodyear fingerprints upon the blacktop.

While a certain amount of nostalgia for classic country music was at the forefront of their 2013 release, Come On Out Back To The Shed Tonight, The Moanin’ After has their sights set on creating a more definitive sound, carving out and developing their own sonic blueprint. They pair smart, cinematic lyricism with clever compositional turns to draw audiences into a sound that is at once recognizable, yet points to a certain sonic future. At their centre remains quality song craft though, retaining the honesty and heart that made their previous effort a personal success for bandleader and main songwriter, Michael Dunn.

“Every artist has a jumping off point, where their influences are more easily apparent,” says Dunn. “The idea of continuing to churn out the same thing over and over again doesn’t appeal to me. It may make you easily identifiable, but it stunts your artistic development. That’s why Neil Young, Ryan Adams, Tom Waits, they all remain vital and important artists. They’re never creatively satisfied.”

Committed to creating music with a timeless feeling, and maintaining the grit and heart that is their signature, The Moanin’ After brings to life a sound that moves from the dust of the prairie to the very edges of gravity.